Unleash your data

Proof Zero provides data solutions that drive rapid ROI and supercharge data teams.

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Get Better Data

A next-generation data platform designed for faster time to insight.

  • Mixer4x1
    Entity Resolution

    Unify your disparate systems of record with a consistent data index.

  • Reverb
    Signal Discovery

    Subscribe to data quality signals to enhance customer experience.

  • Sample and hold
    Delta Insights

    Add time-series data to your categorical data for better AI/ML.

  • Investigate
    Data Exploration

    Explore patterns across all your data for better data discovery. 

  • Dcblocker
    Data Collaboration

    Discover insights and deploy quick integrations with trusted data partners.

  • Hipass
    Data Governance

    Catalogue all data for better data governance and simplifed compliance.

    Cut the Complexity

    Data is messy. Proof Zero’s entity resolution technology cleans and prepares your data so that your data scientists and data engineers can focus on the activities that matter most.  


    From Data Silos to Customer Signals

    Proof Zero busts data silos to create meaningful personas and accurately attribute customers. From there, Proof Zero develops signals to optimize customer experiences. 


    Explore Without Limits

    Proof Zero's zero-knowledge platform enables analysis and collaboration on data sets without exposing information. 


    Unleash your data

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